D.I.Y. Makeup Workshops

These D.I.Y. Makeup Workshops provide challenging, comprehensive education unlike any other of its kind. It has been designed with the personal enrichment and enjoyment of its participants in mind. This program is designed for a new generation of people that want to learn how to do their own makeup. We believe the best way to learn is to get out there and do it! No worries, we wont leave you hangin'. We will provide you with what you need in every workshop. Below, you’ll find D.I.Y. Workshops and their levels of difficulty.

Closet Junkie: This level is for the Junkies that are new to applying makeup. They don't care to wear it everyday but when they do, they want to look their best.

Social Junkie: This is for the Junkies that dibble and dabble in makeup here and there. They are familiar with applying makeup, but just want to perfect their looks.

Strung Out Junkie Level: This level is for an advanced Junkie, who knows how to apply their own makeup, but just want to take it up a notch.

Closet Junkie

15-Minute Sweet Beat -
Is time an issue for you when it comes to applying your makeup? Need a look that's fast, easy and light? Learn a fast and easy 15-minute sweet beat. Attend this workshop to perfect your own tailor-made everyday look in 15 minutes!

Brow Beat -
Learn how to prep your skin and map the brow to remove hairs from the proper place. Also, learn corrective techniques for filling in your brows that are over-tweezed, over-grown, or unkempt. The only thing that matters is the brow shape you leave behind.

Flattering Falsies -
Eyelash extensions. Everybody’s getting them, everybody’s talking about them, and everybody’s going gaga over them. But the truth is, not everybody can afford them. As always, there is a much more affordable route to this beauty craze. And as always, The Makeup Madness Junkies are here to help. We’ll show you a temporary version of eyelash extensions that will give you that lush, natural look without the unnecessary risk and expense. Flattering lashes always demand attention. Sometimes mascara just isn’t enough. Learn how to properly apply your flattering falsies with simple techniques.

What’s in your makeup bag? -
So you’ve been to the makeup counter and they convince you to buy something you have no idea on how to use…we can help! Grab your makeup bag and let us show you how to work with what you already have. This course includes instruction on how to do a mini makeover.

Social Junkie

Complexions – “How do I find my right color?” Foundation Formulation, Color Matching, and Foundation Application are all covered in this section. Learn how to choose the right foundation for each season.

Smokey Eyes – Have a hot date? Learn the proper technique to perfect our smokey eye look. Leave your date wanting more. Hey, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Strung Out Junkie (2 hour classes)

Contouring and Highlighting – Everywhere we go, one of the biggest questions about makeup is “how do you contour and highlight?" One common mistake many make is contouring too much, or contouring in the wrong places. Learn to contour based off your specific face shape. We’ll show you how to create a younger, slimmer face.

Full Face Makeup -
“How much makeup should I apply to look natural and still have the makeup show-up?” Learn a fresh day look - good for a day out, when you just want to look put-together; and a fresh look for events - good for the “natural” look that’s suitable for events such as parties or appearances.

For Teenagers Only

Tween/Teen Beat -
Help your teen learn great makeup and skincare routines that will make her radiate confidence. Seriously, would you rather have your teen to learn how to apply makeup from her friends or from a professional? Your teen will receive a 7-piece brush set and a Makeup Madness Junkies Lip Gloss.

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