Certified Junkies Workshops

We understand that sometimes our schedule doesn't work with everyone's needs. That's why we offer the option to build your own course with the Certified Junkies Course. This is perfect for anyone who is on a time restraint and prefers daytime or weekend hours.

Each program is tailored to your individual needs while still keeping your budget in mind. Choose from any or all of the subjects below and begin building your custom class today.

Advanced Contouring - “How do I make the face look more sculpted?” One common mistake many makeup artists make is contouring too much, or contouring in the wrong places. Learn to contour based off specific face shapes. All of the 9 face shapes will be covered.

Advanced Skin Issues and Corrective Makeup - “What do I do to conceal serious skin issues?“ You won’t always work on models with flawless skin. This section covers skin issues that make applying makeup more complicated. Topics covered: Extremely dark under-eye circles, rosacea, acne and acne scars, hyper-pigmentation, vitiligo (hypo-pigmentation), age spots, sun damage and wrinkles.

Avante Garde Makeup Artistry - This course builds on the skills you’ve gained throughout the program and challenges your imagination. You will learn the unique uses of color, understand and use non-conventional elements in makeup designs, creating trendy and bizarre makeup; while expanding and reinforcing your creativity.

Basic Beauty Refresher - This course is a personal interest program and intended for those who wish to learn the fundamentals of makeup application for personal and basic client use. Students are taught the fundamentals of color theory, highlighting and contouring, skin analysis, and applications for eyes, cheeks and lips. Looks covered include bridal, special events, glamour, mature, and day and evening makeup.

Bridal Makeup - “Help! She’s a Bridezilla!” The trick is in the trial-run. Learn the measures to take before and during a consultation to ensure you get hired. Add value to your consultation by asking the right questions and providing knowledge and helpful tips to your bride-to be. Learn the techniques for working with a bride and wedding party; bridal and freelance consultation and pricing; bridal makeup application.

Brow Shaping - Learn how to prep the skin and map the brow to remove hairs from the proper place. Also, learn corrective techniques for brows that are over-tweezed, over-grown, or unkempt.

Color Theory/Mixology “How do I mix colors to get the right shade?” Learn to blend and mix custom foundations, lip shades, and eye shadows, and other important uses for the color wheel.

Lash Application - Learn techniques for applying individual lashes and the products that should never be used to apply them.

New Eye Shadow Applications - Discover which shadows are most flattering (Or least flattering) for your client. This picks up from where we left off in level 1. Eye shadow for eye-color is broken down with the use of the color wheel.

The Need for Speed: Fashion and Runway - A look at etiquette, time management skill building, set-up and the things you should know about backstage at a fashion show.

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